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Pricing a Model A/AA begins with a thorough inspection of the car. The following tools are considered indispensable:

* Camera with flash - Use the camera to document the car, both inside and out. The photos can be checked later to see if the car you inspected is the same car you're buying. You can also use the photos to compare against the next car you inspect.
* Pencil and paper - Note the colors, accessories, options, and the final grade given to the car. Also list the engine serial number because it will be required for insurance purposes.
* Good light source and mechanic's creeper - Use these tools for checking shocks, linkages, exhaust system, and the complete underside of the car.
* Model A engine crank - Use the crank to see if the engine is free to turn. If it isn't, the car may not be worth buying; engine work can be expensive.

Areas to Inspect

There are four major inspection areas which determine the overall condition of a Model A/AA:

* Exterior - Stand a little distance away and walk around the car/truck. Check for dents and body lean. Try to assess the overall body condition including the sheet metal, roof, and paint.
* Interior - Check the upholstery, wood graining, window glass, shades, and hardware. Spend plenty of time in this area; new upholstery alone can represent a $3,000 investment.
* Drive train - The drive train includes everything underneath the car/truck including drive shaft, transmission, differential, shocks, and linkages. Here's where you need to use your creeper and light source. As part of this inspection, don't forget to check the wheels, tires, and hubcaps. Also take a good look at the bumpers, brackets, and exhaust system.
* Engine area - Check the cooling system, electrical wiring, generator, starter, steering column, and carburetor. Try to determine the general condition of the engine. Has it been rebuilt? Check the engine serial number. Is it correct for the model year? Use the crank to see if the engine is free to turn.

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