Jack Remillard (1928 Special Coupe, 49-A) - "Great little car, I wrote a story about it for the "Restorer" in the 2004 May/June Issue." Jack Remillard, 72220 Tutuilla Rd., Pendleton, OR. 97801. 541/276-5949 Cell: 541/310-0583

Dave Grove (1928 Sport Coupe, 50A) -

Ron Knechtel (1928 Special Coupe, 49A) -

Harry Huggins (1929 Sport Coupe) - "Just purchased a 1929 Sport Coupe. Has very little rust. The engine and tranny have been gone thru before I got the ride. I'm making a driver out of it. Need help on installing the top. Any one got any words of wisdom or places, i.e., books, I can get to help with the top. Thinking about painting it with a black bottom and yellow body with a tan top. The wheels, 21", will be yellow to match the body. Like I said, making a drive, not a show car. Can't wait to get it going. My wife, domestic goddess, even thinks it is cute."

Steve DeBoer (1929 Business Coupe) - According to Steve, "This car has been in my family since 1963. In 1970, for my 13th birthday, the car was given to me by my brother in exchange for $1.00. It served as my road test car, and as transportation throughout high school. It's been well preserved over the years and boasts matching engine and body serial numbers."

Clark Ballard (1929 Standard Coupe) - Clark says, "I don't live in Idaho anymore (just wish I did!) but now reside in Florida. I'm the second owner of a 1929 Standard Coupe since 1957. Bought it for $100 when a sophomore in HS and drove it all through college. Started restoring it in 1970 and completed the chassis & running gear. Then kids came along, wife stayed home to raise them and the Model "A" sat until 1990. Finished the restoration in 1994 and drive it often. Member of Gold Coast Region of MARC in Ft. Lauderdale. I never met a Model 'A' owner I didn't like!"

Bill Hartman (1929 Standard Coupe) - . Bill's from Haines, Alaska and says that he's planning to remove a plywood box contraption from the Coupe and replace it with a rumble seat eventually. In the meantime, he needs a source for Model "A" tire chains - as he says, "We have lots of snow."

Here's an update on Bill's progress over the past few months - "My 1929 Standard Coupe made it through the winter just fine WITHOUT chains. Plenty of second glances while driving "Bessie" in the snow. I got stuck just once, but pushed the car out without any help. Opening the windshield a crack at 10 above kept frost off the inside. Makes for a brisk drive to work! Rumble seat conversion is going well."

K. W. Durrell (1929 Special Coupe, 49A) -

Ron Klein (1929 Sport Coupe) - Ron also has several other Model "A's" in "various stages of decomposition" - 1929 Briggs body Sedan, a 1931 Deluxe Coupe, and a homemade bodied Station Wagon made from his accumulated parts.

Sheldon Paulger (1930 Standard Coupe) - I've owned my 1930 Standard Coupe since 1957, drove it to High School and University, total of about 70,000 miles. My Coupe has been in several hundred pieces for 25 years. Now that I'm approaching retirement, I've started to restore her. All running gear done, including hydraulic brakes that I installed in1958. Hope to have her on the road in a year, (still working, curling and golfing).

Richard Feldmann (1930 Coupe) Chickle Drab and Cobra Drab -

Richard Meoni (1930 Standard Coupe) - Model "I purchased my Model "A" in 1997. The engine was stuck when I purchased it. After a couple of months of working on it, I finally got it running. The car is presentable, but needs to be restored. I have restored a few cars before, but not a Model 'A.' I like driving it so much I hate to take it apart."

(1930 Standard Coupe, 45B) -

Jack Burke (1930 Coupe, 45B) -" "My Coupe is all together but is not currently running. I bought it in 1969 and drove it to work for about 4 years. It needs to be restored."

Bill Veitch (1930 Sport Coupe) - Bill says the car was "purchased when I was 15 years old. Restored once to be able to drive it to school - now restoring for show and driver. Need information on a "tuckaway" convertable top that fits over the rumble seat - Need anything, pictures, measurements, information. Who's got one I can take pictures of - any help will be appreciated."

Deanna Scott (1930 Standard Coupe) - Deanna says, "it looks good and runs fine."

Dale Beckman (1930 Deluxe Coupe, 45B) - Dale says, "The Coupe's in the process of restoration, chassis, engine, trany , rear end, and running gear done, just body work and upholelstry left. Anyone out here got a neat way of installing the Cowl welting???

Dave Clark (1930 Deluxe Coupe, 45B) - According to Dave, the Coupe is basically original, non-modified, and a "work in progress." which he drives as often as he can.

Chuck Mahnke (1930 Sport Coupe, 50B) -

Dick Hinrichs (1930 Coupe) - Dick says, "I have a 30 coupe that my dad and I restored in 1964-65, side mount, rumble seat. It was rust free and a body shop buddy leaded in a couple of dents. The paint is looking OK (Two tone Green, Black fenders, Straw wheels), but I am considering freshening it up. We also just finished a '23 truck with an Oak bed. I'm looking for plans for an "A" or "T" Woody Station Wagon or Depot Hack. Can anyone help me out? I have a '27 Touring done and a '22 Touring that I might use for the Depot Hack. Dick Hinrichs, 2101F Powers Ferry Rd., Marietta, GA 30067. 770-956-1673

Rick Botti (1930 Standard Coupe) - Rick's looking for someone who can give him some tips on improving gas mileage.

Tom Boergert (1930 Standard Coupe) - Tom says the Coupe is being restored as a driver and most of the car forward of the cowl is presently in boxes and coffee cans.

Name unknown (1930 Coupe) - Car is in process of restoration.

Edward Rohmer (1930 Standard Coupe) - efr@Nantucket.Net. Ed says he's the second owner since 1962 and drives the Coupe daily. He also says that he learned to drive on a Model "A" 44 years ago and has had the opportunity to drive them ever since -- "It's the only way to go"!

Joe Biller (1930 Deluxe Coupe, 45B) - Under restoration and nearly finished to standards.

Barbara Jo Birt (1930 Standard Coupe, Driver) -

Pete Smiley (1930 Sport Coupe, 50B) -

Bill Cilker, Jr. (1930 Coupe, 45B) -

Bill Kimmitt (1930 Deluxe Coupe) -

Jeff Wilhelm (1930 Deluxe Coupe) -

Earl Rogers (1930 Deluxe Coupe) -

Jerry Emerson (1931 Standard Coupe) - "I bought this 1931 Model A Standard Coupe last fall. There was some rust inside so I started sand blasting the body. As I was sandblasting I couldn't see stopping with the inside (since it was only a dozen or so bolts to remove the body from the frame & my garage was already a dusty and sandy disaster) so now the body is sitting on saw horses and the chassis outside. I was working on a 1965 Cadillac convertible, but sold it to acquire the Model A. My dad is restoring a 1930 Model A Murray. Any tips would be appreciated. Haven't joined any clubs yet -- looking to see the best one to join for the Montana area."

Dan Cain (1931 Coupe) - "I bought this car 3 years ago. It had been restored some 15 years ago. Body and paint were good, but it had been neglected for some number of years. Then it was sold to a parade person (@#$%^&*&^%$#@1). Sorry, .. he didn't even know how to start the old girl. He had made some very interesting modifications. Number one, I removed the light switch (house type) electrical break system. Then the wiring, carb, fuel lines, and motor. You know how it goes, reassuring my wife the whole time that it just needed a good tune-up...! My buddy of 47 years helped with the tune-up. We did it all ourselves, with the help of some books (one being a check book), several beers, and band-aids.

Henreitta (the car) is not a show car, but a-go car. I have taken her on some short trips, won a second place trophy at a local car show, and am planning several longer trips next year. I really love her!!! I hope I will not have to do another $2,000 tune-up! Watch the ruts in the road!! Dan'l"

Dan Mahaney (1931 Standard 5 window Coupe) - Hannibal, NY

Steve Schmauch (1931 Deluxe Coupe) - "My 1931 45-B is in an "arrested" process of its third restoration, since 1963. I have driven this car well over 100,000 miles, hence the need for the restorations! I am finally restoring it to show quality, and have painted it in its original Chickle and Copra Drab body colors. I mentioned "arrested" because I now live in Austin, TX and my cars still reside in WA! I hope to return someday to finish my projects."

Justin Bicknell, New Zealand (1931 Deluxe Coupe) - Restored and driven regularly, 'B' powered, twin 97's, Anderson high compresson head. 16" Firestone wire airwheels. RHD.

John Derickson (1931 Deluxe Coupe, 45B) - "I've owned this car for about a year and it has an older restoration, which was done back in the early '80s. I just started tearing it apart (Oct. 6, 1997) for an on-frame restoration. Basically, the only thing I'm doing is rebuilding the engine, totally replacing the exsisting interior, and giving it a new paint job. The car is rust free and the paint would be considered good to the average Joe. I'm the 4th owner of this "A" and have a 1958 Iowa Title/Registration for the time it went from the original owner to the second owner. Also included is a handwritten essay by the second owner about how he aquired the car and a brief story about the first owner, who was a farmer in Iowa. Cheers..."

Dave Stoner (1931 Deluxe Coupe, 45B) - Dave says, "I just purchased my 1931 Model "A" Deluxe Coupe from an estate. It's in original condition, never restored, and has been garaged and covered for the most part of 60 years. I do not plan to "restore" this vehicle in as much as it's in excellent condition already."

Gerald Waxman (1931 Deluxe Coupe, 45B) - Gerald says he's owned the Coupe for the last 12 years. It runs fine and is currently living in the Cleveland, OH area.

George & Dottie Sprotte (1931 Deluxe Coupe, 45B) - George says, "I'm using the '39-'48 era hydraulic brakes with some modifications as listed by Dennis Cling in Secrets of Speed (SOSS). I'm also building my own roll-down rear window from MAFCA/MARC specs and old articles." George is also "wrestling" with a Pinto conversion and an F-100 steering box.

Richard Beck (1931 Coupe) - Richard says, "I just bought a 1931 Model "A" Coupe from a friend. He has owned this Coupe 30 some years, it was in storage for 32 years. I remember working on and driving this Coupe when we were 15 years old, up and down the driveway and around his house. I loved that Coupe and never forgot about it. His father started to restore it around 1963. He finished the frame, complete running gear, and brakes. We worked on the body and fenders. In 1965 the Coupe and all its parts were packed into the back of the garage. No one touched it for 32 years. I must have bugged my friend for 20 some years trying to buy it from him. Well, finally he said he would sell it to me. When we started to dig it out, it was like opening a time capsule - just the way I remembered it would look. I would like to hear comments, and I'm also looking for some parts."

Craig Edmonds (1931 Deluxe Coupe, 45B) -

Bob Braaten (1931 Standard Coupe, 45B) -

Gary Jones (1931 Deluxe Coupe) - Gary's Coupe is a late model with factory installed rumble seat and roll down rear window.

Jim and Ilene Teeple (1931 Deluxe Coupe) - Website:

Jim Donegan (1931 Deluxe Coupe) -

John Yeagle (1931 Standard Coupe) -

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