Deluxe Sedans

Dave Clark (1930 Deluxe Tudor - 55B) - "The Tudor is completely restored and finished and is driven every chance I get. I'm always interested in trying something new on the cars, especially if I can try it on someone else's car first!"

Dick Curtis (1931 S/W Deluxe Fordor Sedan) - "Purchased about 1956 that has been registered and used and worked on , on and off ever since purchase. Never had a "ground up " restoration. The sedan was $100.00 and in running condition, by the way. About 1960 I found a late'30 or early '31 Closed Cab Pickup and brought it home as a basket case for $10.00. About a year ago I figured it was time to start on the PU and now I am really into it. I don't have much in the way of tips but sure could use some. Would like to talk with anyone has a similar body style or even just another "A". Thanks for listening."

Wally Franklin (1931 Deluxe Fordor Sedan - 155C) - Wally restored this car to tour from MA to CA for the National Meet in 1990. It's been driven over 30,000 miles and won a first place modified at the MAFCA Meet. The car will be driven to Rochester, NY for the 1996 Meet in July. (He installed a small TV in it.) Wally would like to hear about other long-distance driver's experiences.

Don Mims (1931 Deluxe Fordor Sedan - 160C) - Don says "I have a '31 Slant Windshield needing complete restoration. Complete body in very poor condition on chassis. No engine/transmission.

Anthony Marino (Late 1931 Deluxe Tudor Sedan) -

Bob Braaten (1931 Deluxe Tudor Sedan, 55B) -

Rick Black (1931 Deluxe Tudor Sedan - 55B) - Rick has owned this car since 1968, rescuing it from a 17-year rest under a tree north of Los Angeles. After discovering the rarity of Deluxe Tudors, Rick has organized the "Deluxe Tudor Sedan Owners Group" in MAFCA so that owners of this low production body style can exchange technical information and parts. If you know of a Deluxe Tudor Sedan, please contact Rick for more information on this group.

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