Sedans (Other Than Convertible, Deluxe, or Town)

Georgia Mayne (1928 Model A Tudor Sedan - 55A) - I recently purchased a 1928 Tudor.  The engine number is 241168.  In the process of doing a restoration on it.  Would enjoy talking to others with similiar A's that have the 55A body style.  I'm located in Ofallon Mo.

Gary (1928 Model A Tudor Sedan - 55A) - I wanted a Model A for twenty years and finally got one three months ago. My car has never been completely restored and it is still in pretty good condition. My wife and I have really enjoyed the small trips that we have taken so far in our new old car, and we are looking forward to many more. Our car was manufactured in August of 1928. Hope that everyone has good luck with the old A's and happy motoring.

R.A. Jordan (1928 Model A Tudor Sedan) - "We own a 1928 Model A Tudor Sedan, Copra Drab and French Gray. The date on the fire wall is 12/11/28. I am the webmistress of the following clubs:
The Lone Star Model A Ford Club -
The Texas Model A Ford Club -
We are very active in our clubs - we drive our Model A Ford to breakfast every Saturday!"

Dan Schinke (1928 Tudor, left hand emergency brake) - I have a early 1928 Tudor, engine number is 5938. I am having a good time restoring it. I would like to talk with anyone who is or has done a restoration on their car. (Ft. Myers, FL)

Sean (1928 Tudor Sedan) -

Drew Vactor (1928 Tudor Sedan) -

Murray Young (1929 Sedan Delivery) - Looking to find other owners of this body style. Mine is nearly roadworthy as driver, but not a show car. Murray Young, 13 Fead Street, Orangeville, Ontario L9W 1A6, Canada

G. Kudisch (1929 Tudor Sedan) -

Doug Lemna (1929 Briggs Leatherback Sedan) - "I'm currently completing a 5 year restoration of this Sedan. The car came with 2 new Garfield 21 inch whitewalls, but I can't seem to match them up, as they are no longer manufactured. Does anyone out there have three of them in their garage or barn that they wish to part with?"

Ray Taylor (1929 Tudor Sedan) We are the proud owners of a 1929 Tudor Sedan. We are in love with this little beauty and want to share our happiness with other happy Model A owners. The problem we have is living on Whidbey Island in Washington state and not knowing of any local chapters of the Model A Club of America. Can anyone relate to us any information on this organization or one similar? We are anxious to meet others in our area who are proud owners of Model A's. Write us at either of the following email addresses: or

Janet Wade (1929 Tudor Sedan) -"I have a 1929 Tudor Sedan that I bought in 1965 at a auction with three pigs. I have been waiting for 30 some years for the tooth fairy to come along and fix this car. He has never showed up yet. Last year I took off the gas tank and had it boiled out and relined...waited another year for that darn tooth fairy. Still nothing. About two weeks ago I lost all faith in tooth fairies and hauled the car to town. Since then I've got the gas tank back on, the starter rebuilt and on, the generator and cutout checked and back on, new fan belts, radiator hose, and rewired it. Things I never thought I could do. I'm a girl. Well actually maybe a little long of tooth to be called a girl. I keep working on it. If I think too hard about it I'll give up. I usually just think that I'll just do one little thing and often am surprised when I get it done. If I can't do that part then I go on to another part. Sometimes when I go back to the first project, I'll find that I can get one more bolt undone. I really only had three wrenches (metric at that) but I've found that you only need about three wrenches for a Model A. They don't seem to be too fussy. Next week I hope to get it started. My dad is 85 and says he could start it in about 10 minutes. He's always telling methat Model A's are very simple and they gave them to 12 year olds just to cut their teeth on. I hope he's right. I bet that they wish duct tape was available back then rather than hay wire. Mine has a lot of hay wire." Janet

Clarence Milligan (1929 Tudor Sedan) in Texas -

Dennis Krauss (1929 Tudor Sedan) - "The day I brought it home, it was just a rusted shell on a frame with three differnt size wheels. AFTER ELEVEN YEARS OF SCAVAGING AT SWAP MEETS AND JUNK YARDS, I got smart and started to buy new parts from Snyders, Harkos, and Gas Light that I hope to be putting in over the next few weeks. Then I can't wait to see the people who laughed the day I brought my treasured possesion home!"

Joel Zinnecker (1929 Briggs Fordor Steelback - 60C) - "Recently started a complete body off restoration of this 60-C. I have the advantage of having my brother and dad helping with the work, it's a group project. Things are moving along at a good pace and we're hoping to have the work done by next summer in time for the car's birthday (the date stamp in the firewall is 6-22-29).

The only hangup we have is that the front seat had been replaced back in the 60's with VW Beetle seats. The flowers and peace signs on the dash make me think perhaps the previous owners were hippies. No telling where the original front seat is now, the car has been sitting in an airplane hanger for 25 years. If you, or anyone surfing through, has any information on where I might find a front seat frame, I would appreciate it." Joel Zinnecker, Lincoln, NE.

Jim Corliss (1929 Tudor - 55A) -

Doug Schoemaker (1929 Tudor) - Doug says"It's an original unrestored car. It was repainted in the '60s, and the seats and top insert were replaced. But I don't think anything else has been done to the car. I'm the 4th owner since new!"

Randy Braswell (1929 Tudor) - "I think it is a '29 Tudor. Don't really have a clue other than the title. Runs pretty good. Drives pretty good. Shocks don't work. I think everything else is there. Never had a car that old. Need all the advise I can get."

Greg Roiger (1929 Briggs Body Fordor Sedan - 60C) - Greg says he acquired this vehicle during the winter and loves it. He would like to make contact with anyone that has a 60C.

Bill Daws (1929 Briggs Body Fordor Sedan, Right Hand Drive - 60B ) - Bill's a member of the Model "A" Ford Club in New South Wales, Australia.

Sharon Biller (1929 Blindback Sedan - 170A, Unrestored) - Sharon says this car is a good driver.

James Owen (1929 Tudor Sedan) -

C. F. Freeman (1929 Tudor Sedan - S/N 2122149) -

Ted Lobley (1929 Tudor Sedan - 55A, all original) -

Tony Martin (1929 Tudor Sedan, "Ruby") -

John Young, San Antonio (1930 Tudor Sedan 55B) - Elkpoint and Kewanee Green in beautiful condition. We enjoy it in the cooler Texas months and are looking forward to some distance touring.

Steve Sewart (1930 Tudor Sedan 55B) - I just got started in A's last month, and I cannot believe how much fun it is!

James Huey (1930 Model A Ford Tudor Sedan) - Location: Owensboro, KY. I love talking with anyone (restorer, rodder, newby, interested party) about any old car. The Tudor was recently pruchased and will be a daily driver if I ever get the VIN number situation straightened out at the Ky. DMV. It is a pretty sedan and is a great hoot to drive. "Happiness is owning a Model A Ford. Hell is having to pay for it!"

Tom and Nan Powell, Pasadena, MD (1930 Tudor Sedan - 55B ) - "Hi Babe." Just like the Franklin Mint's just released scale model. Looking forward to the summer drives. Tom Powell, Maintenance Manager, Navy Type Navy Owned Electronics, Commandant (G-SCE-2), US Coast Guard Headquarters, 2100 2nd Street, SW, Washington, DC 20593-0001. (202) 267-1245 FAX 7-4617

Hugh & Dot McCracken (1930 Tudor - 55B) -

Tom Keehan (1930 Tudor - 55B) - In process to make ready to be a fun driver. Car from Vermont, little known of history. In storage since 1984.

Dot and Hugh McCracken (l930 Tudor Sedan - 55B) - "Runs like a well oiled pocket watch. Washington Blue."

Mason Branstetter (1930 Tudor) - "Purchased the car in 1960 when I was 15. Drove it all through High School. Then drove it to Tijuana, Mexico from Silverton, Oregon to get it upholstered in '63. Put it in various barns until '72. While in the Army at Ft. Riley KS, I had the engine rebuilt and I started a frame up restoration. Brought it home to our barn in Oregon in '76. It stayed in the corner of the barn until a few months ago. I have since rebuilt the rear end and we have a running chassis. I'm working on the fenders and body now." 503/873-3545

Bob East (Late 1930 Tudor Sedan - 55B) - "I've got a late '30 Tudor 55B that I've owned since 1968. It underwent a frame off restoration in '85-'86 but has been in storage until this summer. I'm in process of rebuilding brakes and steering before going back on the road."

Bill Purcel (1930 Tudor Sedan, 55B) - Bill says, "I am a new "A" owner. My car is complete except for the interior. It had not been run for 10 years when I got it, but I got it running in about 2 hours. I am now in the process of making it a good driver and will restore it later."

Dr. Giles Dillingham (1930 Tudor Sedan, 55B) - R.Giles.Dillingham@UC.Edu. According to Dr. Dillingham, "My 'A' is a 1930 55B that I got as a basket case in 1972 (I was 15). I drive it every day if possible.... looking for people in the Cincinnati area to share the fun with!"

Michael J. Lange (1930 Tudor Sedan) - MJ says the car was "just purchased 3 months ago. I've been in love with the Model "A" forever, now I can afford to have one of my own. It's rough, but I figure with a lot of money and a littleTLC she will be nurtured back to driving condition."

Earl Rogers (1930 Tudor Sedan) - Earl is researching information about original colors used for the painting of the Model "A" and would appreciate any help in this area.

Jim McPherson (1930 Tudor, original) -

Frank Desimone (1930 Standard Fordor Sedan, Murray - 165C) -

Jim Upton (1930 Standard Tudor) -

Margy Mills (1930 Fordor Sedan) - Margie says the Sedan came with lots of spare parts and is partially restored.

Mike Dijulio (1930 Tudor Sedan) - Mike's owned the Sedan for about 3 years and says it's basically original with 54,000 miles on it. Last year, Mike did a valve job and rebuilt the entire clutch assembly.

Steve Pargeter (1930 Tudor Sedan) - Steve bought the car from a Kansas farmer who owned it for 40 years. After completing a frame-up restoration that took 3 years, Steve's currently installing a Mitchell overdrive unit in the Sedan.

Douglas Good (1930 Tudor Sedan, 55A) - Doug reports that the car is still in pieces, distributed from his home to his shop. The engine has been restored but is not yet in the car. "This restoration has been ongoing for about 20 years now and there is now hope that it will finally be completed in the not too distant future."

Jim Andrews (1930 Tudor Sedan, 55A) -

John Lindsey (1930 Tudor Sedan) - John says that he bought and restored the Sedan to original condition in 1967. Five years ago the engine was rebuilt and the car repainted.

Earl Rogers (1930 Tudor Sedan) -

Dale Parsons (1930 Tudor Sedan) -

Earl Smith (1930 Tudor Sedan) -

Bruce Wilt (1931 Tudor Sedan) - Just bought it in Dec. 2005. Have lots of questions and concerns to make it driveable, although it runs well already.

Jim Palmer (1931 Tudor Sedan) - I have just bought my long sought after Model "A." It has been restored almost. Still needs some work like leaky radiator, oil leaks, emergency brake, windshield wipers. It runs but I have not driven it too far. Looking forward to many enjoyable miles.

Lars Hedstrom, Stockholm, Sweden (1930 Tudor Sedan) -

Leiv Solberg, Haugsja, 4810 Froland, Norway (1931 Deluxe Tudor) - Unrestored, but in good driving condition.

Mark Dellaratta (1931 Tudor Sedan) - "I purchased the poor old dog from a Truly Nolan Exterminator franchise. It had been used as a roadside advertisement. They forgot to take care of it or at least try to turn the engine once in a while. Needless to say, after approximately 10 years of sitting in the hot Florida sun, the restoration began showing its wear. There was 10 gallons of varnish in the gas tank and the valve train was rusted (that Florida humidity!).

Marvel Mystery Oil, head gasket, plugs, new carb. and an electronic ignition (of course) had the car back to life. I now use it locally and take my kids around town. They think it's a school bus?

In gutting the interior, I found some personal letters from some prior owner that told me this car made its way to Tampa by way of Fort Myers. Beneath the back seat, I found some newspapers from the Chicago area from 1966!! Cool!! If the seats could talk!! Who knows... someone's Gramma and Grampa had a fling in this thing!! What a great simple auto... keep that new imported stuff!!"

Bob Bernard (1931 Tudor Sedan) - "I have lots of parts to sell or trade - need good round speedo."

Randy Meadows (1931 Tudor Sedan) - Randy's owned the car since he was 14. He just turned 29 and is finally getting started on the restoration.

Dick and Clara Lewis (1931 Standard Tudor Sedan, 55B) -

Tim Cage (1931 Tudor Sedan, 55B) -

Kit Niemann (Feb. 1931 Delivery Sedan) - Here's a rare Model "A" Sedan. Kit says that the car needs a lot of work but still runs. It's been a member of the family since 1951 when it was purchased as a working vehicle, not as an antique. At one time, the Sedan was used by the Panatorim Laundry in Seattle for deliveries.

Steve Schmauch (1931 Slant Windshield Fordor Sedan, 160A) - "I purchased my 1931 slant windshield fordor standard sedan (160-A) 25 years ago and it scored 386 points at the 1984 MAFCA national meet in Portland, OR. It was shown there for the first time. There are very few of these vehicles left; in 25 years of searching I have come up with fewer than 30 people owning one. Even fewer are restored. As far as I know, mine is the only one in existence with a Lombard Blue/Black combination and with the artificial shark grain leather interior combination."

Don Mims (1931 Slant Windshield Fordor Sedan, 160A) - DLMIMS@AOL.COM. Poor condition. No engine, transmission, or wheels. Needs complete restoration.

Dave Barker (1931 Slant Window Fordor Sedan, 160A) - Restored to show specs. Judged over 400 points in MAFCA Judging.

Margy Mills (1931 Tudor Sedan) -

Lars Hedstrom, Stockholm, Sweden (1931/32 Tudor Sedan) -

John de Sousa (Late 1931 Tudor Sedan) -

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