Marshal V. Daut (Late 1928 Phaeton, 35A) - "Gain a wife, lose a Phaeton". That could be the end of a sad story; but in this case, it's the beginning of another happier one. In order to completely pay for our 1988 wedding up front, I reluctantly decided to sell the 1929 Phaeton I had been restoring. Since 1966 I had wanted a Phaeton and had only owned this one about six months before selling it. Although it saddened me to do so, my soon-to-become-wife was even more upset about my decision, unbeknownst to me.

Then in 1996 we bought a '29 Cabriolet in New Mexico. On the way home with it in tow behind our 1925 Model TT stakebed truck, my wife surprised me by asking: "Now that we have a Cabriolet, why don't you find a Phaeton to the replace the one you sold for our wedding?" She didn't have to ask twice! After a three month search through old advertisements in various Model A magazines, we purchased a nice late '28 with outside door handles in Tucson. It had received a pretty fair restoration along the way and was a good, solid running car. Heck, I drove it 55mph from Tucson to Phoenix the very day we picked it up!

I'm now in the process of some mechanical upgrading and repainting it the correct '28 colors of Niagra Blue, light and dark with French Gray stripe and black wheels. When completed, it'll take us back to Iowa and Wisconsin on vacation next September. Have you noticed that there's something special about driving a Phaeton that can't quite be captured with other body styles? And there's something special about a wife who INSISTS on adding one to the family!. Did I make the right choice in both car and wife, or what???

Leiv Solberg, Haugsja, 4810 Froland, Norway (1928 Phaeton) - Restored.

Lars Hedstrom, Stockholm, Sweden (1928 Phaeton) -

Tomas Jutebring, Stockholm, Sweden ( Standard Phaeton 1929, 35A ) - Running chassis, working on getting it all together....... maybe 1999 !

Dave Gerold (1929 Phaeton) - "In addition to a '28 Closed Cab Pickup, I also own a roughly restored 1929 Phaeton. The job was not completed by the previous owner, and many of the things he did were not correct. I have to go quite a few steps back to make this car correct. At this time we are using the car for fun family outings."

Jerry Sheldon (1929 Standard Phaeton - 35A) -

Bobby Crumpley (1929 Std. Phaeton) - Bobby says he's completed the chassis and is ready to start on the body. He's looking forward to communicating with other "A" owners on-line.

Joe Biller (1929 Std. Phaeton) - Joe says the Phaton is unrestored and needs restoration badly.

Allan Murrell (1930 Phaeton) - Colour Yellow. Allan says, "it was purchased by our family in 1972 in running order and then completely stripped and rebuilt between 1984 and 1986 and has since completed several trips around Zimbabwe and has won many local rallies.We have had it on several motor shows as well. I'm currently rebuilding a 1930 Roadster Pickup."

Steve Schmauch (1931 Deluxe Phaeton) - "I was always wanting to restore a 1931 Deluxe Phaeton. In the spring of 1989, while at a swap meet, I was persuaded by a friend to purchase an original set of top bows for it. "How many times have you seen that item?" my friend said as he gently persuaded me to release my first $500.

Then 4 months later, I actually found most of the sheet metal for a 180-A body (less doors, subflooring) in a long forgotten junkyard in a remote part of Nevada in 1989. I can only say that I was meant to have this car and the challenge to put it together! I have been collecting parts ever since, and have managed to secure NOS wood, , seat frames, metal subflooring, rear bonnet, and many other smaller unique items. I have Bill Sturm's (WI) upholstery still in a box for future installation. The only major parts that I am still looking for is a driver side door and a passenger side rear fender."

Shaun Sizen (1931 Phaeton) - Shaun's restoring this "very sad" South American "A" and would like to discuss the project with other Phaeton enthusiasts.

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