Speedsters/Modified "A's"

Richard Meadors (1928 Speedster - Under Construction) - Roadpro1@aol.com

Ted Koudys (1928 Roadster, 40A) - tkoudys@sprint.ca. "The Roadster is stock appearing with: B. Miller OHV, Zephyr gears, Columbia rear,etc." (Beamsville, Ontario, Canada)

Brian Gelsinger (1929 Roadster) - publishing@wave.net. "We have the '29 body on a '32 frame to increase the strength of the car. It packs a punch with its V-8 350 Chevy engine. The rumble seat was removed and in its place we put the battery and gas tank to make room for the new engine and for some added saftey. It now has an automatic transmission with the shifter on the floor. The next step is to get a hood, a new top, and some fresh paint."

Charlie Yapp (1929 Speedster) - CY4FN@aol.com. Just in case any body needs help with their modified "A/B" Ford there are a bunch of us that can help. I've got a 1929 Speedster with a custom steel body that has a rumble seat. he whole thing is lowered 4" all the way around and uses mostly Model "A" parts with a touch of "T" and modern electronic ignition. Fast! You bet!

The original "A"engine has a Thomas flathead, dual updraft Model "B" Zeniths ( I also can switch to dual 97's down and a special 4" dia. headers), The exhaust manifold is stock (for appearances), valves are oversize and the cam is a .356" lift with 240 degree duration @ .050". Wheels are stock 21" and the rear gear is 3.78. Tranny is stock, but flywheel is cut down ( I'm working on converting the flywheel to a V-8 job with a reversed Bendix drive). Don't hesitate to get in touch if I can help your project in any way. Charlie Yapp (near Chicago)

Dale Parsons (1929 Speedster) - Roadster29@aol.com. Speedster w/Miller OHV head, '39 tranny and other fast stuff.

Dave Barker (1930 Speedster) - Barker007@aol.com. Under construction with Miller overhead, special cam, "B" transmission, Winfield carbs., etc. Dave says that we should call his car a "Heinz" because of the variety of Model "A" parts used in the construction!

Dave Barker (1930 Cabriolet, 68B) - Barker007@aol.com. Restored with a hot engine ("B" block, original Thomas head, Winfield carb.), Wilton 4-speed transmission. This car won its Class in the hill climb at the joint National Meet in Tacoma.

Dave Barker (1931 Slant window Sedan) - Barker007@aol.com. Restored with a Miller overhead, Winfield carb., "B" transmission, Mitchell overdrive. Dave says it goes "like a greased snake!"

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