Jim Furman (Victoria Leatherback, 190A) - jfurman @ Purchased in Oct. 1999. Completely restored. Looking for original window shades. Like to do tours.

Ron Klamm (1931 Victoria, 190-A) - Just acquired (Feb. '98) Has been in storage most of its life. Has less than 6,900 actual miles. Service records found in car verify mileage over the years. Interior needs replacing. No rust, no dents and aside from age taking its toll, it is in mint condition. Ron Klamm, 2106 N. Laureen, Fresno, Ca. 93703

Ted Koudys (Late 1931 Victoria, 190-A) - Steel top, with original interior, unrestored, decent original car.

Justin Bicknell, New Zealand (1931 Victoria) - Unrestored, right hand drive. ex Argentina

John Icenhower (1931 Victoria, 190-A) - According to John, the Vicky was something less than a basket case and is currently undergoing restoration.

Bill Cilker, Jr. (1931 Victoria, 190-A, original, unrestored) -

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