The Parking Lot

Marshall V. Daut (Early 1929 Cabriolet, 68A) - "My wife Carol and I own an early (May) 68-A Cabriolet with the bulky folded top, no bead over the rear fenders. When we bought it in 1996, it had suffered a marginal amateur restoration years before. We drove it for a year and then began to disassemble it for a more thorough restoration. It now has a Mitchell Overdrive and will be a highway lizard with its insert bearing engine. Because it's an early '29, we're pretty well stuck with the Cigarette Cream/Seal Brown combo - if we play by the rules. I'm also restoring a friend's basket case late '29 Cabriolet with the improved streamline folded top. The body needed all new wood = lotsa fun, believe me! It'll go yellow and brown, too, but while mine will feature the black wheels and blackwall tires, my friend wants orange wheels with white sidewalls. They both have left side mounts and trunk racks, so that'll be the only way to tell the two apart!"

Russ Beckwith (1929 Cabriolet, 68A) - Russ says the car is in parts all over the garage, and outside as well. He's looking for the metal panel for the inside left door.

Tom Gray (1930 Cabriolet) - The car has a mechanical Borg-Warner overdrive, 52hp engine with Model B crank, cam, and carburetor.  Excellent condition.

Klaus Jacobsen, Denmark (1930 Cabriolet, 68B) - "The car was restored by my dad who passed away for about 2 years ago. Since then it has been in the hands of my brother and I. It's in perfect condition, and was assembled by the Danish Ford Plant."

Barbara Jo Birt (1930 Cabriolet, 68B) - Barbara says her Cabriolet is currently in boxes, jars, under the bed, and in the cupboard!

Joe Norlin (1931 Cabriolet, Early 68B, straight windshield) - The car was fully restored by my dad who passed away 3 years ago. I have started driving it and have debated on checking on how much more work I would have to put into it for show quality. I am still scared on taking it on any tours with the local Model A Club here in Sacramento, CA.

"Zeke" (1931 Cabriolet, 68C) - "My car is a '31 Cabriolet 68-C restored to Show condition. I drive it and try to keep it in this condition."

Jack Burke (1931 Cabriolet, 68B) -" "I hope to restore the Cabrolet sometime, since I bought it in 1959, it is currently completly dismantled. Do you think I have a prayer?"

Barbara Jo Birt (1931 Cabriolet, 68B) - Restoration in process.

Barbara Jo Birt (1931 Cabriolet, 68C S/W) - Together, but needs restoring.

Kevin Fehr (1931 Slant Window Cabriolet) - "I started with 3 cowl sections, 4 sets of doors, and 2 rear sections for a 68C. Now I have a full body that is together with all new metal made from scratch for the bottom 3" to 6". I will be taking it apart and sandblasting soon then I will be on the final push to give it paint. I have figured out a lot about how to rebuild the 68C so if you have questions email me. Here is my website on rebuilding the car: (06/02/2003)

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