The Parking Lot

I couldn't find the snowmobile catagory, so I guess it will just have to go under "other", but it was made from a '29 Roadster. My sever-year project was a '29 Model A snowmobile that has been in the family since 1947 (Click for picture). My dad and uncle bought it from a mailman in Walker, MN. We used it mainly in the winter months out on a frozen lake pulling my brothers and cousins behind on skis and sleds with long ropes. It was also used to pull the spearhouse off the lake. Summer use was very limited due to the tracks that would tear up the road, but as soon as deer season came around, it was put into use pulling out deer hunters who got stuck back in the woods as well as hauling out a deer or two. After all the abuse we gave it through the forties to the sixties, it finally quit. It sat for twenty years until I got the bright idea to restore it. Being a school teacher, summers were the only time I could really give it my full attention. After seven summers, I declared it finished. It takes a trophy when I bring it to a car show, and it has seen two years in a museum. My time restoring it has been quality time, because while I worked on it, memories of close family times would always drift through my endeavors. Larry Johnson

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