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George Beyers (1928 Open cab Roadster Pickup) Benton, Arkansas - "I bought this Pickup, June 9, 1998. This is the way it looked when I bought it. I've done some routine maintenance - brakes, ignition, cooling system, tires, etc. - however, it was in pretty good shape. No rust. I've been looking for this truck for 40 years, just could not find it. It's a daily (almost) driver and my wife get reports on where I've been, even the Blond (not her) one day. You certainly can't hide when you drive a Model A! Like you'd want to! My truck is mostly original. Some minor upgrades, but nothing that couldn't be back to '28 easily. Mostly cosmetic."

Henry Decaillet (Modified 1928 Roadster Pickup) Mountain Ranch, CA - "I have a number of "A's" and one "T." The Pickup is my daily driver and looks stock except for hyd's and 15" wheels.The engine is a modified "B."

Dave Gerold (1928 Closed Cab Pickup, 82A) - "I restored a 1928 Closed Cab Pickup. I spent 3 years reasearching and working on it. I joined my local Club after I had completed 95% of the work. I was lucky to find most of the correct information while doing the restoration."

Al Wood (1928 Closed Cab Pickup, nearing completion) -

Tom Schrank (1929 Pickup) - Back in 1960, I bought My '29 Pickup from an old geezer at his fishing camp in northern Wisconsin. Paid $50 for it and had Dad and uncle drive it home, 200 miles, at night in the rain. This old fellow had been after my Grama for years to buy her get-a-way home, and figured he could get on her good side with the sale.

The trip went great, except the last 50 miles or so we had to stop every 10 miles to add water. The miles and times since have always been memorable. Once, after a local garage had fixed a rear flat, the wheel and tire came off and passed me about a block from home. (Check your lug nuts!)

This old buggy has hauled hay, feed, trees,  water, children, cub scouts and now grandchildren. I need several leads on a 1930-'31 station  wagon, which would be my next project.  (This time will pay over $50, depending on condition-- of course!)

By the way, we never did sell that old fisherman Grama's cottage, but she gave him 4 acres to build himself one back in '62. Tom

Alfredo Luis Acuña (1929 Open Cab Pickup) - Montevideo 555, 5105 Villa Allende, Córdoba Argentina. Tel.: *54-3543-431144

Gary Jones (1928/29/30 Closed Cab Pickup) - Gary says, "I use the Pickup everyday for hauling and trips to the dump and the swap meet." He adds, "I'm editor of the Phoenix Model "A" Club's newsletter, and will swap newsletters, articles, and computer Model "A" Graphics with other MAFCA and MARC club editors."

Wally Franklin (1928 Pickup) -

Ann Carter (1929 Closed Cab Pickup) -

(1929 Pickup, 78A) - Complete restoration.

John L. Adams (1929 Closed Cab Pickup) - "I am converting the Pickup into a Huckster. The metal cab will be used but with a wooden bed made from red oak. The roof will of course continue over the bed. I would like to hear from anyone with a similar project."

Art Neuberger (1929 Roadster Pickup, 76A) - "The Pickup is complete after working on it for 5 years."

(1929 Pickup) - "I'm the owner of a 1929 Model A Pickup painted John Deere Green and Yellow. Vehicle was obtained in 1986 from an old gold miner in Cripple Creek, Colorado. It used to be a Colorado State "Hiway" Dept. (that's how they spelled it) truck. This vehicle has hydraulic brakes."

Mike Gaston (1929 Roadster Pickup) - Complete restoration, factory Green body, Black fenders and running boards.

Nancy Gammon (1929 Closed Cab Pickup) -

Craig VandenBerg (1929 Closed Cab Pickup) - Craig says the Pickup is a "driver type vehicle - too fun to drive to leave on a shelf."

Pete Smiley (1929 Roadster Pickup, 76A) -

James Owen (1929 Closed Cab Pickup) -

Russ Beckwith (1929 Closed Cab Pickup, Modified) -

Charles Ferguson (1929 Cab Pickup) - c_fergus@COLBY.EDU. Chuck is looking for a complete, unaltered '32 "B" in the $5,000 range. Any body style except a Pickup.

Dick Curtis (1930/'31 Closed Cab Pickup) - "About 1960 I found a late'30 or early '31 Closed Cab Pickup and brought it home as a basket case for $10.00. About a year ago I figured it was time to start on the PU and now I am really into it. I also have a 1931 S/W Deluxe Fordor Sedan purchased about 1956 that has been registered and used and worked on , on and off ever since purchase. Never had a "ground up " restoration. The sedan was $100.00 and in running condition, by the way. I don't have much in the way of tips but sure could use some. Would like to talk with anyone has a similar body style or even just another "A". Thanks for listening."

Wayne Rosenkrans (Late 1930 Model A Closed Cab Pickup) - Restored from basket-case as a Fire Chief's pickup. All correct working from a period picture we had, including period fire equipment we found over the years at Hershey. 22K gold lettering really makes it stand out in a show! Fire engine red.

Randy Mincey (1930 Closed Cab Pickup) - I am finishing a restoration of a 1930 Closed Cab Pickup. This one was built the second week of June in 1930. That was shortly after this body style came into production. Mine has the dispatch box mounted on the passenger side on the rear of the cab beside the rear window. It is almost behind the passengers head. I have never seen another one just like it. I have over restored it for a dependable driver - I'm not much of a show car man. Thanks for the space. Douglasville, Georgia

Tim Crockett (1930 Model A Pickup) - "The truck was purchased at my Uncle's place in Montana. This is a dream come true for me. I have been aware of this truck since I was five years old. I am now 48. However I had not been back to see the truck for about 35 years. So I was a little disappointed in the bad condition. Very little rust but lots of wear. The running gear appears great. This is my first project of this type. I am just starting and can use advice."

Allan Murrell (1930 Roadster Pickup) - "Pieces for the Pickup have been gathered from all parts of the country in rusted state and the truck is in the process of being rebuilt. I have the chassis done, the complete front and back axles, gearbox, a lot of the chroming, the steering column, the instruments, the carburetor, distributor, generator."

Justin Bicknell, New Zealand (1930 Roadster Pickup, Unrestored) - RHD.

Ken Smith (1930 Closed Cab Pickup, Narrow Bed - 82-B) - Ken Smith completed his Blue Rock Green 1930 Closed Cab Pickup in June of 1997, just in time for the MARC National Meet in Dayton, Ohio. If you would like to see what it looks like, just send an E-Mail request to his address given here.

John de Sousa (1930 Closed Cab Pickup) -

Norm Langley (1930 Pickup) - Under restoration at the present time.

John Icenhower (1930 Closed Cab Pickup, 82-B) -

Lars Hedstrom, Stockholm, Sweden (1930 Closed Cab Pickup, Narrow Bed) -

Bob Walker (1931 Closed Cab Pickup,  82-B) - I just purchased the Pickup from a friend who bought it for his father when he was 16. I believe he's just turning 60. I am in the process of getting it running as it's been parked for about 15 years. 

Howard Geer, Kerhonkson, NY (1931 Closed Cab Pickup) - I found this Pickup in the fall of 2000, got it home, got it runnin'. I have been taking parts off her ever since... gonna do a ground-up restoration on it, as close to original as possible. Lovin' every minute I can spend tinkering on her. I'm learning more than I ever thought possible. Could use all the input I can get.

Joe Davis (1931 Closed Cab Pickup) - "I've had the truck for 12 years. I am just getting started on a complete restoration. The guy I bought the truck from acquired it while he was stationed in Omaha. The owner before him lived in Plattsmouth, Nebraska. According to a story he told me, the truck had been a delivery vehicle for a drug store in Norfolk, Nebraska for years.

William Helt (1931 Closed Cab Pickup) - "Orginal purchased by my mother's uncle in 1931. Has been in the family since it was new. My father purchased the truck in 1949. I was given the truck in 1976 and restored it in 1987. Orginal mileage is 65,000."

Ron Klamm (1931 Closed Cab Pickup) - "Just purchased a partially restored '31 pickup. Will start further restoration this winter. Looking forward to any "tips of wisdom" to help. Goal is to make it a great street car for "special occasions".

Richard Whittemore (1931 Closed Cab Pickup,78B, I think) - Richard says it's "unrestored, great driver, with an Express canopy."

Richard Beck (1931 Closed Cab Pickup) - Rich says, "this Model "A" stuff is so much fun that I bought a '31 Pickup to go with my '31 Coupe." He plans on doing a first class restoration on the Pickup as soon as the Coupe is finished this summer.

Jim O'Neale (1931 Roadster Pickup, 76 B) - According to Jim, "the 1931 Roadster Pickup was shown for the first time in May of 1996 and on its first time out won a 1st place as well as best of show. This is a beautiful truck and earns many ooos and ahhs where ever we take it. InVirginia, the Sully Plantation show, sponsored by two Model "A" Clubs, is a very impressive show and we were delighted that everyone there enjoyed the truck and it was honored with a first place. This truck is so much fun to own and share with other people. A popular bluegrass singer from our area has had his picture taken with the truck."

Tony Martin (Late 1931 Pickup, "Ollie") -

Dale Parsons (1931 Pickup) -

Gene Hammil (1931 Closed Cab Pickup) -

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