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(1928 Roadster) - "I'm the Internet owner of a 1928 Roadster in Niagara Blue and French Grey. I obtained the car in very rough condition (including a severely bent frame and chopped windshield) in 1984 from Mason City, Iowa. We did a complete a frame up restoration in 1985."

Justin Bicknell, New Zealand (1928 AR Roadster) - In the process of restoration, engine no. CA 753. Is the earliest known Model "A" in New Zealand. RHD.

John Dyke (1928 Roadster) - The car had never apart and has been restored as a driver. John says, "It was a joy to restore." Engine #919060.

Jim & Roberta Ewing (Late 1928 Roadster) - Jim & Roberta's Roadster is finished in Arabian Sand & French Grey.

Dale Parsons (1928 Roadster) -

Wayne Rosenkrans (1929 Model A Roadster) - Completely original with several interesting period accessories, including Tiffany cowl lamps, dual sidemounts, Stainless Steel foldable windshield stanchions, and original trunk rack. Engine and frame numbers match. Bonnie Gray and Chelsea Blue.

C. D. Kass (1929/1979 Roadster) - Had a 1931 Vicky a few years back. Sold same. Saw a dandy late 1929 Roadster twin mount at auto show, sign said: GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY 1929/1979 MODEL A ROADSTER LIMITED-LAST OF THE MODEL A'S SOLD BY FORD DEALERS-FACTORY BUILT-WARRANTED BY FORD MOTOR COMPANY. Being a retired Chief of Police, my memory jogged and I recall seeing these Model A's in the Ford dealership in 1979 wherein we purchased our squad fleet. Found one-bought same.

To my knowledge, this is the only time a major auto manufacturer participated in the reproducing of a famous car out of it's past. Ford supplied the platform, The Model A Reproduction Corporation of Detroit manufactured the autos (five different late 1929 body styles) and Ford, Mercury & Lincoln dealers sold them. Nationally advertised (was on CNN), Motor Trend, Car & Driver and other auto magazines praised "the last of the Model A's" as highly successful. One dealer in NJ said he had people lined up in front of his dealership (shades of 1928), sadly bad business practices resulted in bankruptcy. These Model A's are generally known as Golden A's or Ford/Shays. I have researched considerable history on these historic autos. Drive mine constantly. Any interested owners please E-mail me.

George L. McGaffick (1929 Roadster) - George's Roadster is mostly original. The engine has been newly rebuilt with adjustable S/S valves and alloy seats.

Warren Rugerstein (1929 Roadster) - Warren sends along the following information about his car: April 13, 1929 date on gas tank, dual side mounts, rumble seat, Rose Biege & Seal Brown with Orange pin stripe and wheels. Pretty much like Henry built it with the exception of crankshaft counterbalancing, oil filter, adjustable valves, air filter, alternator (6v) and SEAT BELTS (most important addition).

Jim and Mina Powers (1930 Deluxe Roadster, 040-B) -

Jim Upton (1930 Standard Roadster) -

Joe Biller (1930 Standard Roadster) - This car is pictured in the book Henry's Lady as the example of a Standard Roadster.

Steve and Lisa Zauss (1930 Deluxe Roadster) -

Norm Langley (1930 Deluxe Roadster) - Norm says that he purchased the Roadster in 1952 for $100 and drove it home. It was restored in 1975 and has been driven 82,000 miles since then, including a tour to Fairbanks, AK.

Lars Hedstrom, Stockholm, Sweden (1930 Deluxe Roadster) -

John Lindsey (1930 Standard Roadster) - John is currently doing a frame-off restoration of the car. Chassis, body, and all mechanical work is completed. The engine is back on the frame and the body is about ready to be mounted. The Roadster is restored to Judging Standard specifications.

Laura Palmer (1931 Deluxe Roadster - 40B) - Laura says the Roadster is a nice driver.

Edward Better (1931 Deluxe Roadster - 40B) -

Tom Morgan (1931 Deluxe Roadster - 40B) - or

Tom Mountford (1931 Deluxe Roadster) - Tom says he lives on Cape Cod Massachusetts and if any Model A'ers are vacationing on Cape Cod and would like a little tour or information, please contact him and he would be happy to help out.

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