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Bob Parks (1929 Murray Town Sedan) - Purchased in Feb. '99, stored in barn, took motor out and cleaned and painted, installed oil filter, clutch stuck, replaced. Ratty inside, some original upholstery looked good in places but will have to be replaced. Changing wiring, sandblasting and painting rims, will cleanup inside and gut upholstery from rear to be able to start restoration. Appreciate advice and info from all "A"-sources. Fun to drive, lot of smiles and waves. E-mail 256/764-2492

Jerry Flake (1929 Murray Town Sedan, 155A) - Looking for fenders. Have lots of extra parts, including most of extra body and 14 doors. "I just received the top-wood kit and am looking forward to being able to have the car at least primered and assembled by Spring. Wish me luck..." Jerry

Jim and Mina Powers (1929 Town Sedan, 155-A - Under construction) -

Becky Cunningham (1929 Town Sedan) - Becky says, "the car belonged to my dad who bought it when I was in the 5th or 6th grade. It's the car I learned to drive on."

Steve Fried (1929 Town Sedan, Murray 3 window, 4 door, 155-A) - Steve's a member of the new Town Sedan Region. His Murray is original with most of the original equipment, including the original muffler! The seats are all original, headliner, upholstery, etc. (Green Mohair). Steve says "This is a driver. We have been on several family picnics and outings with the car." and adds, "I'm looking for seat covers for the Town Sedan. Ford used to sell seat covers for this car but I would settle for anything that looks like a seat cover and fits well! Any ideas or help? I have real good (excellent) original seats and upholstery and I want to keep them clean and neat! Please let me know any ideas you have"

John Icenhower (1929 Town Sedan, 155-A) - John's had his Town Sedan since he was 14. The car had the original upholstery and a metal top secured with wood screws about every 1/2 inch. The upholstery was replaced about 25 years ago with brown Mohair from a railroad car refurbishing shop. A rebuilt engine with Model "B" head was installed about 5 years ago to give it a little extra power. John has plans to add a Miller or even a Riley 4-port if he can find one.

Barbara Jo Birt (1929 Town Sedan, Murray - Barn Fresh) -

(1930 Town Sedan, Murray body style) - "It is an early '30 complete with eyebrow front fenders and the other early '30 characteristics. It is mechanically restored. It was painted as a father/son project about 25 years ago so it's about due for a new paint job. The interior is original (what's left of it). The car has been in my family for 35 years and is in generally good condition with a very solid body and fenders."

Mathias Gjerstad (1930 Town Sedan, 155 D) - "I have a 1930 Town Sedan 155 D which I have owned since 1962. I am presently making a full restoration job, which constantly brings new challenges. The car has right hand steering, and has probably been imported to Norway from England. A 1931 engine has been installed, instead of the smaller English produced engine. It is hard to get hold of the special right hand type parts. You can read about the restoration work on my homepage: . My e-mail address is:

Robert L. Snyder (1930 3 Window Town Sedan, 155-D) - "It is maitained in its original condition and can be viewed at my current Website:"

Neal Anderson (1930 Town Sedan, Briggs) - The car has been restored for about three years. My brother and I drove it to the St. Charles MARC meet in 1995 with a group from Minneapolis. Planning on going to the MARC meet in Dayton, Ohio this coming year. Visit my home page at " I'm the editor of the Twin Cities Model "A" Club newsletter, the "Aoogah Newsletter."

Craig Cianci (1930 Town Sedan) - Craig says, "I've owned this car for three years. So far, I've completely rebuilt the chassis. This includes the engine, trans, rear, front end, and brakes. This summer I've started on the doors. In the winter I'll remove the body AGAIN and do the rest of the body work. This is my second "A." The first was a '31 Deluxe Roadster."

Jackson Sonneborn (1930 Town Sedan, Murray Body) - Jackson's Town Sedan was built in Canada, #CAI-6629. The car is fully restored and won a First Junior in the Fall of 1994. It also took a Third in Class at the MARC Meet in St. Charles in 1995. The car will be at the 1996 MAFCA Meet in Toronto.

Kevin Fehr (1930 Town Sedan) -

Tom Morefield (1931 S/W Town Sedan) - This truly a fine auto. It is Green and Black with Mitchell Overdrive. We drive it everywhere. In June, we will drive it from Portsmouth,Virginia to Michigan for Ford's birthday party. Hope to see you there. Tom Morefield, 305 Deal Drive, Portsmouth,VA 23701

Capt. William A. Kopper USN (Ret.) (1931 S/W Town Sedan, 160B) - I have a 1931 Model A Slant Windshield Town Sedan, Model 160B. Have owned it since 1982 and am the third owner. Car is original. Painted twice in 1956! I have never been able to locate a body plate to tell me who made the body. What should I look for? Captain William A. Kopper USN (Ret.), 7050 Cloister Road, Toledo, Ohio 43617. 419/841-5353

Andy Adams (1931 Town Sedan) - I have a '31 Town Sedan, Murray body style in excellant condition. Was wondering how many are still in good shape. RS Andy Adams USN RET.

Terry and Lynn Lewis (1931 S/W Town Sedan,160B) - Just purchased. It has been stored for the last 39 years in a barn. The car has never been restored and stands untouched. Upon inspection, I found the body to be free of rust holes and the paint worn. The interior is complete, the fabric is dry rotted and has been eaten from mice. All the numbers on the car match. I have noticed that the Fordor is becomming very popular among the Model A community.

Eric Spears (1931 S/W Town Sedan) - Eric says it has a lot of nice equipment on it but is not 100% original. This car replaces the 1931 S/W Fordor that Eric had listed previously.

Jim Upton (1931 S/W Deluxe Town Sedan) -

Jim O'Neale (1931 S/W Town Sedan, 160B) - Jim says, "the 1931 Town Sedan is so elegant and fun to drive. We go grocery shopping and drive around rural Virginia all the time. It has been in several parades and you can't help but smile when you see it and hear the oo-ga of the horn."

Bill Cavener (1931 S/W Town Sedan, 160B) - According to Bill, his Town Sedan is a SWEET '31 4 door S/W 160B, three year old restoration and he would drive her anywhere, anytime!

Judy Marr (1931 S/W Town Sedan,160B) - Judy says " My husband and I own and operate a nice little inn near the beach in Santa Barbara. We use my 1931 S/W Town Sedan 160B to pick people up at the train station. It is very impressive."

Doug Linden (1931 Town Sedan, 155C) - According to Doug, this body style was in transition to the slant windshield (SW) model introduced in the spring of 1931 and contains a variety of both '30 and '31 parts.

Will Lancaster (1931 S/W Town Sedan, 160B) -

Bill Cilker, Jr. (1931 SW Town Sedan, 160B) -

Dr. Don Elson (1931 SW Town Sedan, 160B) -

Dave Barker (1931 SW Town Sedan, 160B) -

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