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 Truck (Excluding Pickup)

Roy Bebee (1928 Open Cab Truck) - "I own a 1928 AR 76-A. Engine # CA 6254. Date stamp 5-25-28. Sill # T 71. Frame stamp # CA12100. I bought this 'A' in 1962 after returning home from a posting to Keesler AFB. The restoration was completed by Bill Furness of Campbellford, ON in 1988. I have photos from the original family in Ottawa, ON who bought it at a Canada Post Auction in 1937. Only the running boards and splash aprons are repro."

Richard Thomson (Mostly 1929 "AA" Closed Cab One Ton Truck) - "A lot of parts are missing. I am rebuilding it into a local driver for fun rather than a perfect restoration. I do not have a hood, radiator shell, windshield frame, dash, or front cowl section. I am looking for detailed information on the front cowl section/gas tank, dimensions, parts breakdowns, etc. I can aquire most of the external parts but I am not sure how everything is supposed to go together. Any help would be appreciated."

Doug Schoemaker (1929 "AA" 1 ton Truck) - "It's a basketcase. All the wood is gone, but the truck is pretty complete otherwise. The man I got it from said the farmer he got it from was using it to haul things around the farm. It'll turn over when I try it, but the wiring is so bad, that I haven't tried to start it."

Dr. Don Elson (1929 "AA" Grain Bed) -

Wayne Rosenkrans (Early 1930 AA Stockbed Truck) - Date stamp on the wheels is Feb. 30 which is during the changeover period to the 30/31 styles. Has a '28/'29 style cab and gas tank cap, '30/'31 frame, transmission and the bevel gear rear-end. Rock Moss Green.

Gary Seelinger (1930 Closed Cab Truck) - "Just purchased the truck. This is going to be a hobby for my father and myself. We plan to do a complete mechanical restoration. The body and paint are in decent shape. This truck will be used for fun."

Randy Meadows ( 1930 "AA" Water Truck) - Randy says, " I have a 30 "AA" truck with a wooden tank, which is of very fine construction (doweled). There is not much left of the truck, the cab is gone, and it was outside for many years. There is enough of the tank left to make a pattern, but the pump that was driven off the PTO is missing. I would eventually like to try restoring the truck, so if anyone has any information on this type of truck please e-mail me. I would like to chat with you."

Bill Kimmitt (1930 Truck) -

(1931 AA Fire Truck, long wheelbase) - "It is basically original except for an engine rebuild and other minor work. I purchased it from a small town where it had previously been used. It is a chemical truck and the body builder was the Obeinchain Boyer company of Logansport, Indiana. My son and I enjoy driving it in parades."

Leiv Solberg, Haugsja, 4810 Froland, Norway (1931 "AA" Truck) Restored

Teri Lopez (1931 Panel Delivery, Unrestored) -

Cathy Noah, Lincoln County Historical Society (1931 AA Truck) - Cathy says the truck currently does not have a bed on it. Steve M. Wyatt, Curator of the Lincoln County Historical Society adds that the truck can be seen on the Historical Society's Web site at The Lincoln County Historical Society's address is 545 SW 9th Street, Newport, OR 97365. Telephone: 541/265-7509

Jim Upton (1931 Staughton Canopy Top Express) -

Tony DiPiazza (1931 Closed Cab Truck, in restoration) -

Joe Biller (1931 "AA" Fire Engine) -

Barbara Jo Birt (1931 Deluxe Delivery, Driver) -

Joey Biller (1931 "AA" Roadster Stake Bed - 189A, 131" wheelbase) -

Bill Cilker, Jr. (Late 1931 "AA" Flatbed, 189A) -

Bill Cilker, Jr. (Late 1931 "AA" Service Car with tow boom, 229A) -

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