Tom Brackett's 1929 Open-Cab Pickup, "Meadowbrook."

Featured in the Sep/Dec 1994 issue of MODEL A TRADER.

From the beginning, Ford's Model "A" Pickup was designed as a no-frills working vehicle. Based on the same chassis used by the passenger cars, the trucks featured a black radiator shell, black headlight assemblies, and all steel running boards. Doors, cab, and box were essentially carried over from the 1927 Model "T." No rear bumpers were provided and the tail light was fastened to the box frame with a special bracket. The interior was equally sparse, with side panels made of coated cardboard.

The floor in the Pickup's box was made of wood. Over the years, several varieties were used including maple, birch, oak, beech, and even pine. The wood was given one coat of black primer and painted body color, along with the metal strips and mounting hardware.

Although other color combinations were available, most early Model "A" Pickups were painted either Rock Moss Green and Black, or all Black. Tom's Pickup is finished in Fire Engine Red, a "slight variation" from the standard colors offered at the time.

The 1928-29 Pickups were offered in two configurations, the Open-Cab 76-A, and the Closed Cab 82-A. Side curtains were provided with the Open-Cab versions to offer some protection from the elements but the top was neither foldable or removable. This particular Pickup has been fitted with an aftermarket removeable top.

The 1930-31 versions of the truck were designated 76-B and 82-B respectively. (JY)

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