1931 Cabriolet

Featured in the Spring 1995 issue of MODEL A TRADER.

The sporty and uniquely styled Cabriolet became a favorite among Model "A" enthusiasts as soon as it was introduced in early 1929.

Rumble seat and cowl lights were offered as standard equipment and the chrome plated door handles and distinctive Landau Irons set the Cabriolet apart from other cars of the era.

In 1930, the finish on the windshield frame, wiper motor body, and door glass frames was also changed to chrome plate. In July of that same year, Ford's adjustable "Uniform Front Seat" assembly became standard. The final major changes to the Cabriolet came in 1931 when the slant windshield and chrome plated rear view mirror bracket were introduced.

As Model "A's" go, the Cabriolet must be considered to be a limited production car; only 53,219 were made and surviving Cabriolets are highly prized by their owners.

Like most popular Model "A" body styles, the Cabriolet has a Special Interest group of its own. The 350+ member Cabriolet Club is a Body Style chapter of the Model "A" Ford Club of America and meets informally at Hershey, PA, Turlock, CA, and the National Model "A" conventions.

For additional information, or to join, contact Gwyn Machacek, Model "A" Ford Cabriolet Club, P.O. Box 515, Porter, TX 77365. Telephone 281/429-2505. (JY)

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