Model "A" Videos/DVDs
The following videos/DVDs are available from most major full-line parts vendors:

• Component Specific Videos:

Brakes -
"How to Stop On a Dime" - Brake restoration and adjustment. DVD (37 minutes)
Carburetor -
"Carburetors and Carbohydrates" - Carburetor identification, restoration, and adjustment. DVD & VHS (50 minutes)
Cooling -
"How to Avoid Fahrenheit Fright" - Correcting heating problems. Includes restoration of the radiator and water pump.
DVD (30 minutes)
Distributor -
"Dial D for Distributor" - Correct disassembly and assembly.
DVD & VHS (17 minutes)
Generator -
"Gennin' Along with Lloyd and Floyd" - Generator rebuilding.
DVD & VHS (17 minutes)
Ignition -
"Timing the Ignition" - Tune up and ignition timing.
DVD (30 minutes)
Locks/Keys -
"Model "A" Locks and Keys" - Disassembly and repair of pop outs, pop out cables, and door handles with locks. Hand cutting keys and resetting lock cylinders. DVD
Transmission -
"Rebuilding the Model "A" Three Speed Transmission - Transmission disassembly and assembly. Describes the various transmission cases used in the Model "A." DVD & VHS
Turn Signals -
"The Flasher" - Turn Signal installation. DVD & VHS (20 minutes)

• Other Videos/DVD:

Judging -
"Forty Horses" - Judging the Model "A" engine compartment.
DVD & VHS (30 minutes)
Model "A" Assembly -
"Yokohama Assembly Line" - Assembly of the 1930 Model "A" in Yokohama, Japan. DVD (Black & White)
Model "A" Fords -
"Those Fabulous Model "A" Fords" - Describes the Fords produced from 1928-1931. Details and features are included.
VHS (80 minutes)
Touring -
"Autumn Trails" - An October Model "A" tour in East Texas.
DVD (25 minutes)
Trouble Shooting -
"Roadside Trouble Shooting - The "A" Team" - Fixing common roadside problems. Includes a recommended spare parts list.
DVD & VHS (30 minutes)

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